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Have you seen your backyard?

Have you seen your backyard?
May 25, 2020 | 8 min read

Feel a little guilty you haven’t seen more of your home state? The WA Day long weekend is the perfect chance to explore, support small and see some blue trees along the way!

1. Coastal Road Trip

Perth – Jurien Bay (2.5hrs)

Lancelin – the crisp white beaches are made even better by the largest sand dunes in WA. Grab a board and get your first adrenaline hit for the trip! P.S look for the blue tree along Indian Ocean Drive before turning into the town centre (200m from K.W Road).

Nilgen – eye spy a blue tree (Indian Ocean Drive).

Coastal Road Trip

Cervantes – Enjoy the unique Pinnacles Desert of Nambung National Park. It will feel a bit like your walking on the moon. If you’re all about out-of-this world experiences try staying here for the night so you can experience the stars outside the city lights – it’s something so simple yet so amazing!

Jurien Bay – pristine beaches, swimming spots, coffee and sea lions – what’s not to love! Try your hand at some golf and spot the blue tree on the course. If you’re up for something a little more exhilarating you can try your next adrenaline hit and take the plunge – skydiving! It’s nothing short of the best view in town!

Indian Ocean Drive

2. The Wheatbelt Way

We may be biased to this region as it’s home to the original blue tree. But – the Wheatbelt is full of some of the states best kept secrets so dust off your swags and pack the car!

Bakers Hill – an ABSOLUTE MUST stop for the best bakery made goods! Then pass through Goomalling to spot the blue tree.

Dowerin – Rusty the dog always enjoys a selfie and without the Dowerin Field Days, one of WA’s largest events, the local businesses will really feel the impact of COVID this year. Pop by the pub and have a meal – Sheree and Steve are always up for a chinwag. Also, keep an eye out for the blue tree on the way in to town!

Koorda – There aren’t many of them left these days but Koorda is home to one of the last few Drive-in cinemas in WA. They will be kicking off in June again (if all goes to plan). What better way to get out for the night and physically distance at the same time! Keep your eyes peeled for the blue trees also…

Bencubbin – hosts of the first Blue Colour Run and now home to 2 blue trees painted by the community. Lake McDermott has been blessed with some serious rainfall this year and has become the perfect camping or picnic spot (or both if you know what your doing!). On a warm weekend this place will be lined with ski boats and eskis – if you can’t beat em join em!

Mukinbudin – the home to the family behind Blue Tree Project. There are now several blue trees within the community where the movement first began. The shire has many unique granite formations including some treasures like Beringbooding and Elachbutting Rock. Visit these during the wild flower season for a real treat! If your looking for somewhere to stay try the caravan park and enjoy the stay 3, pay 2 deal!

3. Stirling Ranges

Bluff Knolls’ refurbished path is good to go!

Williams – spot the blue tree along Albany Hwy on route to the Woolshed. This is a great coffee stop filled with some great retail products including an Ugg store!

Wagin – while we’re all wrapped up on the topic of wool, drive by the iconic giant ram and give him a wave. The towns blue tree is a little detour east of the town in the Gundaring Flats!

Katanning – Stop off at the Premier Mill Hotel for a taste of luxury country livin’. Stay the night if you can! You will soon see why it’s a winner of a national architecture award! P.S spot the blue tree.

Cranbrook – eye spy a blue tree.

Stirling Ranges – enjoy some bush walking with the added pleasure of wildflowers or snow depending when you go. Just make sue you stay up to date with their trail advice so you don’t end up on the news.

Mount Barker – No trees to see here but some great wine! Stop off at Plantagenet Wines – because who doesn’t love the chance to grab some world class wine?!

Albany – No blue trees to see here yet either but their rugged coast line is beautiful all year round. Soak up or get soaked at the gap! There’s also a lot of history around our ANZAC’s and the whaling station to explore. They also have a giant Dog Rock to take a selfie with #thisislivin

4. South-West

Perth – Dunsborough (3hrs)

Myalup – Spot the tree. Fun fact this tree lies on the giant steer, Knickers’ home land. Fun fact #2 Knickers helped raise $25,000 at the Brunswick Show in 2019 for Blue Tree Project! Such an incredible effort!

Bunbury – home to several blue trees, ‘Bunners’ has a few other stops you will want to make. First, feast your eyes at their art gallery – it’s filled with great artwork and exhibitions all year round. Next stop the Bunbury Farmers Market – you won’t regret the pit stop! Load up on fresh local produce #supportsmall

Busselton – pull over for the awesome big tree on the Busselton bypass (Chapman Hill Road). This beauty deserves a selfie – but don’t try get too close as it’s boundary fence is eletric (oops found that out the hard way!). Enjoy a stroll along the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere and drop below deck to see the underwater observatory.

Dunsborough – Filled with beaches, pubs and coffee this holiday classic is an all-time fave. Spot the tree on your way out of Dunsborough to Yallingup.

5. Follow the Pipe Line

Your route east will be guided by not only C.Y. O’Connor but also blue trees, with at least 13 along the Great Eastern Highway leading to the Goldfields.

Bakers Hill – (yes we’re back..) An ABSOLUTE MUST stop for the best bakery made goods!

Meenar – Spot the Blue Tree!

Meckering – Eye spy another Blue Tree…

Cunderdin – Enjoy a meal and cold one at Ettamogah pub, it’s something out of a cartoon (quite literally) . Oh – and spot the BlueTree!

Kellerberin & Nangeenan – Keep your eyes peeled for Blue Trees..

Merredin – the half way point to the Goldfields! Make sure you check out the silo art as part of the FORM Silo trail. This will help break up the eye spy of blue trees, however, there are at least 3 trees scattered within the town if you’re up for the challenge. Also check to see if the Cummins theatre have any shows running – they put on quite a laugh!

Southern Cross – Enjoy the quaint main strip where all streets are named after star constellations. Also swing by their historic pub to grab a bite in what’s now best known as a historic gold mining town.

Kalgoorlie – well if you haven’t seen ‘The Pit’ at least once then you really haven’t lived in WA. Kal is home to a range of historical buildings filled with all the goldrush history. Kick back, enjoy the red dirt and spot the Blue Trees at the end of the trail.

Make sure you share any photos you take with us @bluetreeproject or #bluetreeproject. Stay tuned for our write up on the collection of blue trees around Perth worth a day trip.

Written by Kendall Whyte, CEO Blue Tree Project.
Photo Credits (top to bottom):
Statham Quarry: Alex Clapin
Premier Mill: @rom_y
Dunsborough: @dumpedwifesrevenge
Kalgoorlie: @moniqueliveslife

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