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Introducing Blue Tree Project’s ‘Help Directory’

Introducing Blue Tree Project’s ‘Help Directory’
Apr 19, 2024 | 2 min read

Not your ordinary mental health support guide.

We’re dedicated to promoting mental well-being and ensuring that no one faces their struggles alone. In our commitment to this mission, we’re excited to announce the launch of our ‘Help Directory’ – a comprehensive downloadable resource designed to guide & support individuals navigating various mental health & life challenges.


Blue Tree Project CEO, Kendall Whyte said “We have had numerous individuals reaching out to us not knowing where to turn to for support. So we wanted to help ensure others can navigate the different levels of support within the mental health sector”.


Supports for Every Need:

Our ‘Help Directory’ includes a wide range of services, ensuring that individuals can find assistance tailored to their specific needs. From suicide prevention and crisis support to mental health triage and support for survivors of trauma, our directory covers it all. Whether you’re seeking support for yourself or someone you care about, help is within reach.


For Where It’s Needed Most:

We understand that mental health support is not always readily available, especially in rural or regional areas. That’s why our directory includes resources specifically tailored to these communities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of location, can access the support they need.


Diverse & Inclusive Support:

We recognise the unique challenges faced by different communities, including Indigenous peoples, veterans, survivors of violence, and immigrants. Our directory includes specialised support services to address these specific needs, fostering inclusivity and understanding.


Building Stronger Futures Together:

Our ‘Help Directory’ is more than just a list of resources—it’s a testament to our collective commitment to building mentally healthy futures. No matter the challenge, our directory provides a lifeline of support and assistance so that you can find the help you need, in your time of need.


If you see a service or group missing, please contact us.  Together, let’s build a foundation of strength, resilience, and understanding. Remember, no matter the challenge, help is always within reach.


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