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Currently 1,196 Registered Blue Trees Across The World


Wanting To Paint a Tree?

Here are some recommendations before you get started...

Do I Need Permission?

If the tree is on council or shire property you will need to request permission for a permit or written consent before painting. Use this letter to contact your local council.

​If the tree is on private land (that is not yours) you will need permission from the land owner before painting.

​Please do not paint trees in national or protected reserve parks.

What Type of Tree?

We are very cautious of the natural habitat and wildlife and therefore strongly advise against painting living trees.

​We have chosen to paint dead trees in alignment with the story behind the original blue tree, and not as a symbol of those lost.

What Type of Paint?

With our natural habitat and wildlife in mind we recommend you use non toxic paints.

​There are a range of products online and in-store. Please consult your local hardware store for up to date recommendations and the best advice.

​If you are wanting to use the same colour as the original blue tree then our ‘BLUE TREE’ Wattyl colour will make it easy. The original blue colour’s old name is ‘Billie Jean’ (Wattyl Colour).

Can't Paint a Tree?

If our project has touched you but you would rather not paint a tree, you can always donate to helps us spread our message.

Safety when Painting

Please ensure all safety measures and precautions are taken when painting.

​We recommend only painting trees from ground level to reduce any risk of injury. If you use a ladder- please have one person for stabilisation and supervision of safety (spotter). We recommend using a paint roller stick extension to reach higher trees whilst feet remain on ground level.

​If you plan on painting a large tree (above ground level) please consult a professional to ensure all equipment and machinery involved is being used correctly.

​We advise against painting trees close to roads or on roadsides.

​We believe very strongly in safe practices and do not urge individuals to paint trees if unsafe in any way.

What are the Alternatives?

If you don't have a suitable tree and still want to be involved, you can get creative...

​Spray paint some old branches and place them in a vase/pot. Paint a cushion to use as a 'talking tree'. Weld a metal sculpture and paint it or maybe frame a photo of someone else's blue tree.

The options are endless and we appreciate any way you choose to become involved with our project.

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