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Is Your New Year on Track?

Is Your New Year on Track?
Jan 24, 2024 | 2 min read

Keeping things on track for 2024.

Written by Kendall Whyte (CEO, Blue Tree Project)


We’re now nearly a month in from the new year and you’re probably questioning some of the resolutions you decided on. Or ditched them completely for another year. But don’t give up just yet!


When it came to the new year I decided to do things a little differently going into 2024. Rather than thinking of all the things I should be doing better and changing for the year I decided to create a list of the things I was most proud of. For me there were no (new) New Year’s resolutions, but instead I decided to dedicate consistency to the things I had been trying to focus on.


What I did do, was a ‘brain dump’ to reflect on 2023 and wrote down 5 things I was most proud of, followed by 5 things I would like to continue working on.  I decided that it was best to seperate both my personal and professional lives after I found myself listing work achievements far more easily, and leaving my personal life behind… eekk!!


My list looked something like this: 

What I realised after doing this, was that the small ‘insignificant’ things add up to help not only maintain your mental health, but also achieve the bigger ticket items that you are trying to achieve. So keep working on your consistency of the small things and the larger tasks and goals will come more easily. So don’t worry if things have gone a bit skewiff so far to date, you have the rest of the year to keep focus, before sitting down and doing this exercise again!


And above all, nothing comes before your mental health! Prioritise it, be transparent about it, and ask for help if needed!

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